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Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

If you have suffered a sports injury, are looking for first class rehabilitation or aiming to prevent injury, just give Vitalize Physiotherapy a call.
We are a Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab clinic providing tailored injury prevention & rehabilitation programmes.

Located in Ashby-de-la-Zouch and Swadlincote. 


Injury rehabilitation & Prevention

Our Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists aim to maximise your physical potential. Vitalize Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Specialists can assist you if you are looking to make improvements in your life, enhance your fitness regime or push yourself to perform at a higher standard. In high level sport, Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and Massage Therapists are utilised to assist with conditioning and performance. Whether it’s ensuring a runner has the pelvic stability to support their technique or helping a gymnast maximise their balance and control to help them land smoothly. These professionals have a big place in physical development and injury rehabilitation.

 Our experienced and diverse team can bring such services to you. Our team have a broad range of experience working in performance sport, including Premier League football and Olympic sport, across a spectrum of athletes, from the elite to up-and-coming youngsters. Check out our Teams Page for more information on each practitioner.

 We are aware that everyone’s physical needs differ. If you are looking to reduce risk of injury, we can provide a physical assessment and analysis. This identifies areas requiring further development to assist your movement, strength and control. You may be recovering from a surgery or joint replacement. If so, we can support you to maximise your rehabilitation and enrich your quality of life.

 So regardless, if you’re looking to a recover from an injury or surgery, reduce injury, beat a personal best or simply be sturdier on your feet we’re here to help.


Injury Rehab Reviews

Following surgery after rupturing my ACL playing football, I decided to get in touch with Simon to advise me further with my rehabilitation. During our sessions Simon used his previous experience working in football and wealth of knowledge to get me back to the level I need to be, to return to play. I highly recommend Simon and I am very grateful for all of his help.



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Injury rehabilitation Physio

Rehabilitation programmes


Whether it’s a sports injury, a long standing complaint or a post-surgery issue, we understand that injuries can take a big toll on your life. Pain, stiffness or weakness can result in your natural movement patterns being altered. This affects the way you move during activities, causing your body to develop compensations which may lead to further pain and increased risk of re-injury.

Vitalize Physiotherapy will work with you to create a rehabilitation programme that is specific to your needs and can fit into your daily routine. We aim to maximise your physical potential to allow you to move freely, without pain and with natural control. Being associated with Bluestone Fitness, we have access to high quality equipment meaning we can cater to your needs. We can create an exercise programme for you to complete independently and we will work with you on a one-to-one basis in order to help you maximise your rehabilitation.


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60 minute session

Reduce Your Chance of Injury

Injuries can be painful, inconvenient and often costly, meaning it’s important to take steps to reduce the chances of picking one up. A history of previous injuries means you have an increased risk of new injuries. Therefore, having a clear injury prevention programme can be vital, especially if you partake in a lot of exercise or have recently increased your level of activity.

Injury prevention programmes do not need to be complicated. It could be as simple as performing a few activation exercises during your warm-up, targeted stretches during the cool-downs and specific gym sessions in the gym or at home. To help reduce your injury risk, Vitalize Physiotherapy will need to undertake an athletic screening with you. Athletic screening involves measuring physical traits such as mobility, stability, strength, balance and movement patterns through a collection of evidence based tests. The aim is to discover your body’s strengths and weaknesses allowing you to take positive steps to reduce the risk of your body breaking down.

The type and intensity of the screening is dependent on your needs and level of activity. From the results, your areas of development can be identified and we will work with you to develop a programme to help make improvements. We will also give you a screening report that can act as a point of reference and help you track your improvements over time.

You can also rely on us for tailored injury rehabilitation, exercise programmes and sports massages to help you reach your physical potential.

Injury Prevention


Should you exercise with a bad back?


We can also help with:


Squat, deadlift and lifting technique
Jumping and landing control
Ability to brace, push and pull
Running/gait analysis
Single leg stability and strength
Postural control
Trunk and core stability

Muscle strengthening
Core and Pelvic stability
Global Flexibility
Spinal mobility
Balance and proprioception
Functional movement patterning
Technique alteration

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